Accepted Papers

The review process is over and the decisions have been made. Find below the list of accepted papers to HUMANIZE 2019 covering three topics.


Tamagotchi++: A Serious, Personalized Game to Encourage Healthy Behavior
Bruce Ferwerda and Michael Lee

Exploring How to Personalize Travel Mode Recommendations For Urban Transportation
Shiwali Mohan, Matthew Klenk, and Victoria Bellotti


Personalizing User Interactions in a Social Shopping Context and Open Challenges
Yu Xu and Michael Lee

Understanding Community Rivalry on Social Media: A Case Study of Two Footballing Giants
Sopan Khosla, Siddhant Arora, Abhilash Nandy, Ankita Saxena, and Anandhavelu N.


Personalizing VR Educational Tools for English Language Learners
Michael Lee, Adam Spryszynski and,
Eric Nersesian

Using a Serious Game to Teach User-Centered Design
Domina Kiunsi and Bruce Ferwerda