Accepted Papers

We are proud to announce six accepted papers:

[L] Game-Based Extraction of Web Users’ Personality Factors for Personalization. Rachel Yahel Halfon (Bar-Ilan University), Onn Shehory (Bar-Ilan University), and David Schwartz (Bar-Ilan University).

[L] Modeling Characteristics of Location from Photos. Vikas Kumar (University of Minnesota), Saeideh Bakhshi (Facebook), Lyndon Kennedy (Futurewei Technologies), and David Shamma (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica).

[S] A Need for Personalized Gaming for Advancing Social and Behavioral Science. Casper Harteveld (Northeastern University) and Steven Sutherland (University of Houston-Clear Lake).

[P] Intelligent User Interfaces for Social Music Discovery and Exploration of Large-scale Music RepositoriesMarkus Schedl (Johannes Kepler University).

[P] Personalizing Online Educational Tools. Michael Lee (New Jersey Institute of Technology) and Bruce Ferwerda (Johannes Kepler University).

[P] Building Physical Props for Imagining Future Recommender Systems. Peter Knees (Vienna University of Technology) and Kristina Andersen (STEIM).

[L] = Long paper, [S] = Short paper, [P] = Position paper

Accepted papers can be found: