Accepted Papers

The review process is over and the decisions have been made. Find below the list of accepted papers to HUMANIZE 2018.


Full papers

Personalizing Mobile Fitness Apps using Reinforcement Learning
Mo Zhou, Yonatan Mintz, Yoshimi Fukuoka, Ken Goldberg, Elena Flowers, Philip Kaminsky, Alejandro Castillejo and Anil Aswani

Shopping as a Social Activity: Understanding People’s Categorical Item Sharing Preferences on Social Networks
Yu Xu and Michael J. Lee

Personalizing a parenting app: parenting-style surveys beat behavioral reading-based models
Mark Graus, Martijn Willemsen and Chris Snijders

Short papers

You Are What You Post: What the Content of Instagram Pictures Tells About Users’ Personality
Bruce Ferwerda and Marko Tkalcic

Identifying Dominators and Followers in Group Decision Making Based on The Personality Traits
Yong Zheng

Trust-related Effects of Expertise and Similarity Cues in Human-Generated Recommendations
Johannes Kunkel, Tim Donkers, Catalin-Mihai Barbu and Jürgen Ziegler

Learning preferences and soundscapes for augmented hearing
Maciej J. Korzepa, Benjamin Johansen, Michael K. Petersen, Jan Larsen, Jakob E. Larsen and Niels H. Pontoppidan

Position papers

Predicting users’ personality based on their ‘liked’ images on Instagram
Alixe Lay and Bruce Ferwerda

Accepted papers can be found: